Spiritual Direction

Do you feel the need for a companion to share your spiritual experiences?

Are you wanting help discerning ways to face challenges in your spiritual journey?

Is there a need in your life for meaningful spiritual practices?

A deep "knowing" of the Holy is possible and the only way to true living.

This "knowing" is more than just head knowing. It can be a deep soul and body knowing that transforms how you live in this world. 

Spiritual Direction is a precious time when you take time to recognise the presence of the Holy in your everyday life and are helped to contemplate and savour those moments. These graced moments can transform you, body, soul, mind and spirit. By reflecting on them again and again you realise the presence of God in your daily life and receive guidance to become wholly yourself, truly alive. The more you "know" the less you understand, but you discover over and over how the journey is full of challenges, wonderful surprises and many companions.

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